Bad mommy. All of your friends are furious you didn’t send a photo of your little one thisholiday. OK, not really, but Grandma might be. Don’t worry there’s still time to redeem yourself with an awesome e-card. We just did ours too. Wondering why you didn’t receive it? Sign up for our newsletter!

1. JustWink-Not only can you add a photo inside, you can also add a gift card!

2. Someecards-Always perfectly cheeky. This guilty pleasure is a great non-photo option.

3. Red Stamp-This is a fun option we just started playing with. They even have an app so you can do it all from your phone or kindle.


4. Paperless Post-No e-card list would be complete without Paperless post. We love the understated strength of this card.

5. Evite Postmark- We like to think we’re being retro by using Evite except they’ve really stepped up their game. This watercolor e-card is classy and playful.

6. Celebrations-Formerly Pingg, it’s built a following by providing not only ecards but all the info you need for those celebrations you’re sending the ecards for.

We’re off to be with our families the rest of the week now. We’ll see you on Monday! Merry Christmas if you celebrate and Happy Day Off if you don’t!


Kaity & Jess

There's the magazine cover photo of the new celebrity mom glowing as she looks down at the beautiful, sleeping baby in her arms—and then there's real life.

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