Top 5 Baby Names for Every State In America

Building your mama tribe with other parents who just "get it" when it comes to your child's special needs. And: how to talk to your children about consent and sexual assault. The conversation should start a lot sooner than you think. It's all right here in our Weekly Links.

  1. Building your tribe just got so much easier for parents of children with special needs. The Wolf + Friends app connects parents facing both the beauty and the challenges of raising a child with special needs; whether it's sensory processing issues, learning differences, giftedness or autism -- this app brings together parents who "get it."
  2. Though so many of us have faced the nightmare of pregnancy or infant loss, it is still quite often a tricky subject to talk about. This year, in honor of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness month, women are using #IHadAMiscarriage to connect with one another. The founder of the movement shared some guidance on how to support women after a loss.
  3. If you're like us, you've been glued to the latest developments in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing all week. Because of Dr. Blasley Ford's powerful testimony, women around the country have been emboldened to share their stories of assault. And now, as parents ourselves, we're tasked with talking to our children about sexual assault and consent. We've bookmarked this great piece on how to start the conversation (hint: it begins when your child starts talking), to how to handle the teen years.
  4. If your working on a baby bump of your own right now, chances are you're also racking your brain for the perfect baby name! But don't get discouraged if your favorite name is at the top of the popular list... just because it's up high, doesn't mean it's at the top where you live. In fact, the list varies state by state. Take a peek here to see what the top baby names are in your area.
  5. Pssst: we've got an event on October 13th, and there are only a few tickets left! If you are expecting and in the New York City area, join us, Well Rounded, for a day that's all about YOU, mama! Massages, reiki, crystal healing, and conversations about the mom bod and mom shaming... Get your ticket here!

Why do all of my good parenting or baby-focused inventions come after they've already been invented by someone else? Sigh.

Like the Puj hug hooded baby towel, aka the handiest, softest cotton towel ever created.

Safely removing a wet, slippery baby from the bath can be totally nerve-wracking, and trying to hold onto a towel at the same time without soaking it in the process seems to require an extra arm altogether. It's no wonder so much water ends up on the floor, the countertops, or you(!) after bathing your little one. Their splashing and kicking in the water is beyond adorable, of course, but the clean up after? Not as much.

It sounds simple: Wash your child, sing them a song or two, let them play with some toys, then take them out, place a towel around them, and dry them off. Should be easy, peasy, lemon squeezy, right?

But it hasn't been. It's been more—as one of my favorite memes says—difficult, difficult, lemon difficult. Because until this towel hit the bathtime scene, there was no easy-peasy way to pick up your squirming wet baby without drenching yourself and/or everything around you.

Plus, there is nothing cuter than a baby in a plush hooded towel, right? Well, except when it's paired with a dry, mess-free floor, maybe.

Check out our favorites to make bathtime so much easier:

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They say necessity is the mother of invention—and nothing makes you more inventive than motherhood.

Sometimes that means fashioning a diaper out of paper towels and your older child's underpants (true story). Sometimes that means creating an innovative and life-changing weighted baby sleep sack and totally crushing it on Shark Tank. Tara Williams is the latter.

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Our list of 100 baby names that should be on everyone's list this year includes more choices than in the past of names that are obscure and surprising. That's because there are so many more unusual baby names coming into widespread use and baby namers have become a lot more adventurous.

Expectant parents do not need to be told to move beyond Jennifer and Jason. Their thinking about names has evolved to the point that the most useful thing we can do is offer a large menu of intriguing choices.

Here are our picks for the 100 best surprising + unusual baby names now.

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