*We've partnered with Willow because we think pumping should be easier.

I love my breast pump. Said no one ever. Until now.

Let's be honest: old school pumping just isn't fun. You're tethered to a wall (or a large, heavy pumping bag), attached to a bulky, loud and oh-so-obvious machine. Then there's the cleanup. All those teeny tiny parts that have to be soaked, scrubbed and dried. Ugh.

But pumping as you know it is about to change, thanks to Willow. We got a first look at this futuristic wearable breast pump and we are totally (insert praise hands emoji). No cords, no tubes, no staying within five feet of an electrical outlet. You could do your nails while you pump. You could finish the laundry. You could even go out to lunch with your girlfriends.

Here's how it works: two lightweight, cordless pumping pods slip into your bra and get to work collecting that liquid gold right into milk bags tucked into the pumps.

Plugs? They're so 2017. Willow runs on rechargeable battery and can be operated from an app on your phone. The app also keeps track of all kinds of information: how long you've pumped, how much you've collected and info about past sessions.

Since it's super quiet, you can pump whenever and wherever: on a conference call, on your commute, at lunch. Talk about multi-tasking. When you're done, there's just two pieces that need to be cleaned. And OMG, they're dishwasher safe.

Well Rounded mamas have a chance to get in on Willow first. Come join us in the pumping future! Find out more about Willow here.

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