Even though we've gotten a slight break from freezing temps, winter is only just gearing up, and you want baby to be prepared when it decides to show its true colors. Make sure to have all of your winter essentials ready, especially those protecting teeny tiny fingers. Here are 7 pairs of baby mittens you'll never want to lose.

1. Patagonia Baby Puff Mitts, $35 / 2. Zara Knitted Mittens, $9.99 / 3. Kidscase Ford Baby Mittens, $36 / 4. Oeuf Fox Mittens, $52 / 5. mimiTENS Baby Soft Puppies, $25 / 6. 7 A.M. Enfant Baby Mittens, $27 / 7. Zutano Cozie Fleece Mitten, $16.50


How often do we see a "misbehaving" child and think to ourselves, that kid needs more discipline? How often do we look at our own misbehaving child and think the same thing?

Our society is conditioned to believe that we have to be strict and stern with our kids, or threaten, shame or punish them into behaving. This authoritarian style of parenting is characterized by high expectations and low responsiveness—a tough love approach.

But while this type of authoritarian parenting may elicit "obedient" kids in the short-term, studies suggest that children who are shamed or punished in the name of discipline face challenges in the long-term. Research suggests that children who are harshly disciplined or shamed tend to be less happy, less independent, less confident, less resilient, more aggressive and hostile, more fearful and at higher risk for substance abuse and mental health issues as adults and adolescents.


The reason? No one ever changes from being shamed.

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