Word Up

Babies can’t talk. But we’re pretty sure if they could, they’d say something like: “Shit just got real” or “Hey Girl.” Obviously. Or maybe that’s just what we’d say if we were a baby. Or what we want to say to everyone that has a baby. Since it’s hard to find that stuff on a Hallmark card, we did a little digging so that you could say it too. Here’s 6 reasons your gift is going to be the talk of the baby shower. Literally.

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Courtney Barker

British mom Courtney Barker is sharing the story of how her son, 7-month-old Arthur contracted COVID-19 in the hopes of preventing other families from going through what hers is. Thankfully, little Arthur is now feeling better, but last week he was rushed to the hospital.

His mama recalled the experience in a now-viral Facebook post that is attracting worldwide attention.

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