Returning to work post-baby can be bittersweet. Of course, there’s the obvious devastation that comes with leaving your new little bundle of joy at home, and nervousness that your caregiver just won’t cut it. But there’s also excitement about the prospect of re-entering the adult world, having a conversational partner that says more than “goo-goo, ga-ga,” and rediscovering that sense of self you checked at the hospital door before baby arrived. We promise: working mommies can be happy mommies, especially when you’re adequately prepared. Put these must-haves on your shopping list, and then...get to work!

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Another week has come and gone—and while there's still a chill in the air and (quite possibly), January is finally coming to an end. How did your first month of the new decade go, Mama?

It's okay if 2020 hasn't been your year so far, because there are still 11 months left to go to make 2020 the #yearofthemother in your own life. If your New Year's resolution is already old news, set a new goal for yourself and catch up on some of the new stories taking over the internet.

Here's what went viral in the world of parenthood this week.

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