7 Workout Tools For The New Mom

Space-saving workout gear that won't add to baby's mess.

7 Workout Tools For The New Mom

As a new mom, it's important to take care of yourself. And if you want to get back to your pre-baby shape, carrying your little one around the house is just not enough exercise. That said, baby is likely taking way too much of your time for you to hit the gym. Solution? A home gym -- no membership required! Since baby comes with a whole lot of stuff, you probably don't need to crowd your apartment with workout gear. Lucky for you, there are workout tools that will help you bounce back into a health routine without adding to baby's mess.


Here are 7 pieces of workout equipment that won't clutter your home.

1. Valslide by Valerie Waters. These sliding discs are extremely versatile, will help you increase the intensity of any basic workout and are especially great to rebuild your core strength. They are also easy to store and pack to bring with you on your travels. Check out the Valslide Essentials kit, which comes with the discs and a workout.

2. Johnson & Johnson 7-minute workout app. The app guides users through its signature 7-minute workout, but it also offers more advanced routines assisted with short videos. The best part about the app is that you can customize your own workout. And the app makes it easy to focus on specific muscle group.

3. Smart Stick. This stick adds intensity and productivity to your favorite moves. There are two versions: an unweighted one, which is ideal for flexibility and balance; and a weighted version that is best for strength exercises. Since it's thin and 5-feet long, you can stash it in the tiniest closet.

4. Booya Fitness. Booya’s website and app is a subscription-based platform that offers an extensive selection of online workout classes. By subscribing, you have access to workouts (from barre cardio exercises to Bollywood workouts) anytime, anywhere. Just make sure to download them with wi-fi, ahead of time. They also offer workout plans that are especially designed for moms and moms-to-be, like Stay Strong During Pregnancy and Post-Baby Bounce Back.

5. Bodylastics Resistance Bands. Resistance bands are the best accessory to diversify and intensify your workout, and this brand makes them smart. Bodylastics bands are attached to clips, which makes them stackable and interchangeable. With just the clasp of a clip, you can switch the tubes to create different levels of tension. If you need a more affordable option, the brand also sells flat resistance bands that you can use for all your exercises.

6. Pocket Yoga. Yoga is an excellent way to recharge and recover after labor and delivery. This app is appropriate for any yoga level and offers detailed video instructions for its extensive library of yoga poses. It also provides background information, such as health benefits and postural cues. Users can choose between three practices and three durations. Check out Manduka or Gaiam yoga mats to complete your practice.

7. Exercise ball. The rotund device is multitasking and a great investment for moms and moms-to-be. During pregnancy, it can help relieve back pain and keep good posture as your bump grows. During labor, you can use it to help move things along and provide great body support to soothe during contractions. After birth, the exercise ball is a great tool to find your balance again as you work on your core. Plus, you can use it to bounce baby back to sleep.

I felt lost as a new mother, but babywearing helped me find myself again

I wish someone had told me before how special wearing your baby can be, even when you have no idea how to do it.

My first baby and I were alone in our Brooklyn apartment during a particularly cold spring with yet another day of no plans. My husband was back at work after a mere three weeks of parental leave (what a joke!) and all my friends were busy with their childless lives—which kept them too busy to stop by or check in (making me, at times, feel jealous).

It was another day in which I would wait for baby to fall asleep for nap number one so I could shower and get ready to attempt to get out of the house together to do something, anything really, so I wouldn't feel the walls of the apartment close in on me by the time the second nap rolled around. I would pack all the diapers and toys and pacifiers and pump and bottles into a ginormous stroller that was already too heavy to push without a baby in it .

Then I would spend so much time figuring out where we could go with said stroller, because I wanted to avoid places with steps or narrow doors (I couldn't lift the stroller by myself and I was too embarrassed to ask strangers for help—also hi, New Yorkers, please help new moms when you see them huffing and puffing up the subway stairs, okay?). Then I would obsess about the weather, was it too cold to bring the baby out? And by the time I thought I had our adventure planned, the baby would wake up, I would still be in my PJs and it was time to pump yet again.

Slowly, but surely, and mostly thanks to sleep deprivation and isolation, I began to detest this whole new mom life. I've always been a social butterfly. I moved to New York because I craved that non-stop energy the city has and in the years before having my baby I amassed new friends I made through my daily adventures. I would never stop. I would walk everywhere just to take in the scenery and was always on the move.

Now I had this ball and chain attached to me, I thought, that didn't even allow me to make it out of the door to walk the dog. This sucks, I would think regularly, followed by maybe I'm not meant to be a mom after all.

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Time-saving formula tips our editors swear by

Less time making bottles, more time snuggling.

As a new parent, it can feel like feeding your baby is a full-time job—with a very demanding nightshift. Add in the additional steps it takes to prepare a bottle of formula and, well… we don't blame you if you're eager to save some time when you can. After all, that means more time for snuggling your baby or practicing your own well-deserved self-care.

Here's the upside: Many, many formula-feeding mamas before you have experienced the same thing, and they've developed some excellent tricks that can help you mix up a bottle in record time. Here are the best time-saving formula tips from editors here at Motherly.

1. Use room temperature water

The top suggestion that came up time and time again was to introduce bottles with room temperature water from the beginning. That way, you can make a bottle whenever you need it without worrying about warming up water—which is a total lifesaver when you have to make a bottle on the go or in the middle of the night.

2. Buy online to save shopping time

You'll need a lot of formula throughout the first year and beyond—so finding a brand like Comforts, which offers high-quality infant formula at lower prices, will help you save a substantial amount of money. Not to mention, you can order online or find the formula on shelves during your standard shopping trip—and that'll save you so much time and effort as well.

3. Pre-measure nighttime bottles

The middle of the night is the last time you'll want to spend precious minutes mixing up a bottle. Instead, our editors suggest measuring out the correct amount of powder formula into a bottle and putting the necessary portion of water on your bedside table. That way, all you have to do is roll over and combine the water and formula in the bottle before feeding your baby. Sounds so much better than hiking all the way to the kitchen and back at 3 am, right?

4. Divide serving sizes for outings

Before leaving the house with your baby, divvy up any portions of formula and water that you may need during your outing. Then, when your baby is hungry, just combine the pre-measured water and powder serving in the bottle. Our editors confirm this is much easier than trying to portion out the right amount of water or formula while riding in the car.

5. Memorize the mental math

Soon enough, you'll be able to prepare a bottle in your sleep. But, especially in the beginning or when increasing your baby's serving, the mental math can take a bit of time. If #mombrain makes it tough to commit the measurements to memory, write up a cheat sheet for yourself or anyone else who will prepare your baby's bottle.

6. Warm up chilled formula with water

If you're the savvy kind of mom who prepares and refrigerates bottles for the day in advance, you'll probably want to bring it up to room temperature before serving. Rather than purchase a bottle warmer, our editors say the old-fashioned method works incredibly well: Just plunge the sealed bottle in a bowl of warm water for a few minutes and—voila!—it's ready to serve.

Another great tip? Shop the Comforts line on to find premium baby products for a fraction of competitors' prices. Or, follow @comfortsforbaby for more information!

This article was sponsored by The Kroger Co. Thank you for supporting the brands that support Motherly and mamas.

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When Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died on Friday her spot on the Supreme Court was vacated and on Monday President Trump said he is prepared to make his third U.S. Supreme Court nomination this week. "I will announce it either Friday or Saturday," Trump said on Fox News, adding, "We should wait until the services are over for Justice Ginsburg."

Now, CNN reports President Trump plans to choose Judge Amy Coney Barrett for the Supreme Court Nomination. He is expected to make the announcement on Saturday.

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