As the founder of HATCH Collection, Ariane Goldman has seen more than her fair share of blossoming bellies, including her own--now twice. Yet, while we all know she’s got the most covetable maternity clothes at her disposal, with her second baby due in just one month, it’s time to start thinking about the big birth day...and, of course, the hospital bag.

Just what is this seasoned NYC mama packing up for her little one’s big debut? "This time around, I'm not as romantic about the outfit for the baby,” she says with a laugh. “The layette I planned and planned for the baby [number one] didn't fit, so her take-home pics were a mess!”

Ariane’s also (smartly) got mama’s own TLC on her mind. “I know more about how critical comfort is during this time, so I’m focusing more on me, and bringing soft, easy pieces. I actually created the HATCH-to-Hospital box based on what I needed in the hospital, so I'm already better equipped this time around!"

Here’s 8 of Ariane’s birth-day essentials.

1. Cashmere wrap (similar style). My mom gave me one years ago and it doubles as a blanket.

2. HATCH-to-Hospital box. For all the goodies: the nightie and robe, the cashmere socks, and the underwear!

3. Jambox. I can't wait to listen to mellow tunes while nursing my baby!

4. Chilote House shoes. The BEST shoes to walk around the hospital in. AND chic!

5. Le Labo x Opening Ceremony candle. I want the room to smell yummy during this exciting time.

6. Jurlique Face oil. My skin will be dry, so I will need a little pep and rejuvenation.

7. Carmex. Obvious!

8. HATCH Cashmere Joggers. What could be more comfy than cashmere sweats in the hospital?

Illustration by Jennifer Cascino of Famous Swan Productions.

In illustration, Ariane is wearing: HATCH Collection Sweep Dress; HATCH Collection Montaigne Coat; Isabel Marant Beslay boots; Hermes Evelyne Bag (similar style)

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