OK, yes, technically Mother's Day is only once a year, but we hate rules. Helllooo, birthday "weekend" anyone? So to keep the festivities going, we found three events that will cater to each wonderfully faceted side of you, mama. Whether you're looking to party with the girls (or your beau), hang with the kids, or indulge in your pregnancy, we've got a way to celebrate you.

Celebrating with The Girls

What: Helen Ficalora Mother's Day Party (with us as a co-host!)

Where: Bacchanel (146 Bowery, New York, NY)

When: Thursday May 7th at 6 pm

Why: Because what mama doesn't need a night out with the girls? Come join us for cocktails, hors d'oeuvres and great goodie bags.


Celebrating with The Kids

What: The Land of Nod Tour Bus

Where: Various parts of NYC and Brooklyn (Followed by Boston, Pittsburgh and Chicago)

When: 5/8-5/10

Why: Because Land of Nod always has some fun tricks up their sleeves. We're expecting arts, crafts, Little Golden Books story time and more from this newly converted Bookmobile. The little ones are going to go cray.

What: Mother's Day with Bugaboo at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens

Where: Various parts of NYC and Brooklyn (Followed by Boston, Pittsburgh and Chicago)

When: 5/10 10 am-4 pm

Why: What better way to enjoy Mother's Day than strolling through the serene Brooklyn Botanic Gardens. Join Bugaboo on Cherry Esplanade for family photo sessions, stroller testing, a Van Gogh-inspired children's art station, and a special Bugaboo Bee3 + Van Gogh stroller giveaway.

Celebrating your Pregnancy:

What: Fit to Deliver prenatal workout and workshop by PROnatal Fitness

Where: Reebok Fithub (1 Union Square West)

When: Sunday May 17th at 9 am

Why: Because now is the time to get your body and mind in shape for delivery and motherhood! Indulge in a super effective pregnancy workout, followed by expert advice on pre/postnatal exercise and nutrition, healthy refreshments, mini massages, a Reebok footwear consultation and more!

Note: 20% off registration tomorrow through sunday! Register now!

There's the magazine cover photo of the new celebrity mom glowing as she looks down at the beautiful, sleeping baby in her armsโ€”and then there's real life.

In real life, postpartum mothers are just as likely to be wearing diapers as their babies are, and bumps need months to deflate.

That's why we're so grateful for the way celebrities are ditching damaging narratives about postpartum perfection and embracing the messy authenticity of new motherhood. Thanks to these modern mamas, the rest of us are seeing our own experiences reflected in pop culture, and that lets us know we're not alone.

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