12 of the best gifts for your man to celebrate becoming a father

1. The ultimate “Dad Survival Kit.”

12 of the best gifts for your man to celebrate becoming a father

12. A celebratory gift pack for baby’s arrival. Welcome to the world, kiddo! ?

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3. Something sweet + sentimental. Every time he looks at it he’ll think of this special time. ?

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1. The ultimate ‘Dad Survival Kit’— a thoughtful + sweet surprise for your man. ?

11. Something to keep him cool, calm + collected. ✌️

When a new baby enters the world, a lot of the focus is centered on the mother and child. The child because, well, they’re brand-new and so adorable and everyone wants to cuddle them.

The mama because we’re a huge part of this process, obvs, and we do a lot of hard work to bring that amazing baby into the world.

But you know who else is a big part of this, too? Your loving counterpart who also helped bring your tiny human into this world. So let’s share some of the praise and attention with our spouse.

Here are 12 of our favorite gifts to help your husband celebrate his new role: dad.

6. A cute book by Jimmy Fallon that Dada can read over + over to baby. ?

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9. A classic ‘dad’ mug.

Because caffeine. Lots of it. ☕

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10. Sports gear to celebrate his favorite team + favorite future draft pick. ?

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7. A hilarious book on fatherhood by Jim Gaffigan that will have him ?.

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4. Something cheeky + funny that’ll give him a chuckle.

5. A new-dad beer pack, because he deserves a toast. ?

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8. A subscription to Netflix so you can binge-watch TV in your new-parent cocoon. ?

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2. An awesome T-shirt that proudly announces who he is to the world. ?

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