12 times Olivia Wilde gave us #MomGoals

If Olivia’s beauty, sense of humor, and sweet relationship with Jason Sudeikis weren’t enough reasons to love her—her parenting style will put you over the edge. Wilde is one cool, humbled mama to her son Otis. Here are 12 times she gave us #MomGoals and #Momspiration.

“The amazing thing about becoming a parent is that you will never again be your own first priority.” —Olivia Wilde

1. When she made headlines nursing her baby in Glamour Magazine like a boss. #LoveLoveLove 🍼

2. When she + her son Otis’ matching style was on point. 👕

3. When Olivia + Otis melted our hearts with sweet kisses on the beach. 😘

4. When she (hilariously, natch) called out her son for looking at Playboy.👯

5. That time she raved about another #MomCrush of ours, Jennifer Garner.👭

6. That time she received the Advocate Award from Save the Children to acknowledge the work she does for women + children around the world.🏆

7. That time she was our traveling spirit animal. ✈️

8. That time she stole our favorite hairstyle. 💇

9. When she adorably announced Otis’ birth on Twitter. Baby snuggles got us like 😍.

10. That time she proudly displayed her #MomStatus.👶

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