23 times Chrissy Teigen + John Legend gave us extreme #MarriageGoals

Does it get cooler than Chrissy Teigen and John Legend? Does it get sexier than a gorgeous supermodel and a soulful singer combo? Does it get better than a couple who doesn’t take themselves too seriously—despite how famous and awesome they are?


This is our thank you to Chrissy and John for the continuous display of marriage inspiration and parenting goals.

1. That time Ryan Gosling was their third wheel. 😍

2. When John helped Chrissy cover bump #2. True love. 💜

3. When they looked like this 👇at the 2018 Grammys. (Is it legal to look that good?)

4. When John serenaded Chrissy in a private concert at home. I meannnn... 🎹🤤

5. When they wore adorable matching Christmas jams. 😍

6. When they announced Chrissy’s first pregnancy in the sweetest way, after years of struggling with fertility. So happy! 👶

7. That time they took the *cutest* family vacation selfie ever. 🌺

8. That time they sat courtside and Chrissy laughed at her own social media accounts the whole time. 😂 (John! Look how many trolls are coming after me!)

9. That time John told Oprah he knew he was going to marry Chrissy from the start. (You get true love! You get true love!) 💋

10. That time Chrissy snapped a sleeping pic of John while multitasking (playing Sonic 2.) 💤

11. That time they all starred in John’s music video together. 👌 (It’s like when my family stars in my IG stories together...)

12. Ahhh, every time they look effortlessly cool. Like this. ✌️

13. That time Chrissy booty-popped John’s chicken (sounds dirtier than it was). Teach us your ways, Chrissy. 🍗

14. That time they were the coolest parents...ummm...ever? 💘

15. When they kiss-face-selfied. Y’all are beautiful. 💋

16. That time John helped Chrissy’s dreams come true. ✨

17. That time their beautiful Luna announced baby #2. 👏

18. That time they let us get in bed with them. 😉

19. Their glamorous date nights. 💑

20. When they remind us what love looks like: happy, relaxed, together. 👫

21. That time they hung out with the kids from Stranger Things. (Let us in your friend circle. Please?)👇

22. That time they celebrated the emotional first-birthday milestone together. 🎂

23. That time they became parents. 🎉

Colleen is a wife and mom to three awesome girls. She is the Motherly Stories Editor at Motherly. Follow her adventures on Instagram.

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