2. Go dancing

Spin, sway, and cuddle close on the dance floor.

7. Go antiquing

Discover new treasures together for your home.

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8. Take a stroll together

Bonus points if it’s on the beach. Does it get more romantic than that?

5. Do something child-like, sans child

Ice cream, or any type of treats, are always sweeter with your love.

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9. Go bowling

Is there anything more fun? Don’t forget to grab some beers and snacks, too.


3. Coffee + conversation

Grab some pastries and lattes and play footsie under the table.

1. Dinner + drinks

Enjoy a leisurely dinner and uninterrupted drinks out somewhere fun.

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Instagram is wonderful for many, many reasons. Living vicariously through other people’s adventures, getting home decor inspiration, and yes even fun-super-cute-kiss-face-emoji date night ideas (?). We’ve rounded up ten of our recent favorites for you and your love to try out.

Snap a pic while you’re out and tag it with #TeamMotherly—we want to see what you lovebirds are up to!

6. Get active

Moving your bodies together can be quite sexy. Especially on a cool bicycle built for two.

10. Try something new together

Like a wine and paint night, or a new restaurant. Novelty is one of the keys to a great relationship.

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4. Be adventurous

Try something daring together.

There has been a growing buzz lately about what some are calling "lazy parenting." It's being touted as the antidote to helicopter parenting, and, while its name may suggest otherwise, it's actually anything but lazy.

So what's the deal with lazy parenting? How do I do it and what will it do for my kids?

When I first heard of lazy parenting, I thought someone had been spying on my house on Fridays from 5:30pm until bedtime.

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