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Let us put aside our morning sickness for a second, step off the wild roller coaster of hormones and emotions, and appreciate all the ridiculous and hilarious things we’ve said to our partners while pregnant.

Babe, #SorryImNotSorry—I am carrying your child, so cut me some slack.

You know you’re pregnant when...

1. When you yell at your husband, “NEVER. THROW. AWAY. COOKIE. DOUGH. AGAIN. EVER.” Then cry immediately after.

RIP potential cookies. They never even had a chance. ?

2. When you just can’t make up your mind. You’re cold—so he turns up the heat. Then you’re boiling hot, so he turns it down. After the freak-out, of course. “It’s like the Sahara in here! What is going on?!”

3. When you cried big, dramatic tears over frozen yogurt vs. regular ice cream. WHY THOUGH?! If mama wants ice cream, bring mama the ice cream.

4. When you’ve said, “Careful—watch my belly!” more than once during sex.

5. When pregnancy brain hits and formulating the correct words isn’t an option. “She totally tried to take her lightning!”

“Umm, I think you mean ‘steal her thunder,’ honey?”

Then comes the teasing. For years to come.


7. When you text him, “Hey. Can you pick up a pizza, Fruity Pebbles, fried rice, kale and an Almond Joy on your way home, please? I’m hungry.”

8. When you’ve asked, “Are you going to massage that for me?” And you were *not* talking about your back.

9. When you’ve taken up 80% of the bed, but feel justified in asking (telling?) him to move over to accommodate you, your bump and your 53 pillows.

10. When you ask how you look in your dress, because you feel HUGE, and he utters three precious words—“You look beautiful”—with all the sincerity in the world.

You’ve got a keeper. ?

Who said motherhood doesn't come with a manual?

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