It's a fact of new mamahood that every brand new baby comes with some stormy days. ⛈ But don't despair! Not only can we tell you from the trenches that sunnier days are ahead, we've also rounded up some of our favorite products to bust baby fuss and help bring back your favorite little smile.

1. For when your arms can't rock anymore: Ingenuity Boutique Collection Rocking Seat

The first few months of a baby's life can be some of the fussiest. To soothe those fourth trimester blues (even while you take a rest on the couch—you deserve it!), invest in a smart rocking seat like this Boutique Collection Rocking Seat. It reclines three different ways to suit your infant's preference and plays nature sounds and melodies to calm sudden tantrums.

Pro tip: The lightweight design makes it easy to bring the seat's soothing power with you. (AKA, it's perfect for bringing into the bathroom to keep baby soothed while you get ready.)


2. For belly busting gas: Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water

Few things can throw off a baby's day like gas ? If air bubbles, hiccups, or stomach discomfort are disrupting your baby's sleep or play, we love Mommy's Bliss Gripe Water as an herbal relief supplement. (Bonus: It can also help when teething time hits.)

Pro tip: Buy a second bottle to keep in your diaper bag. Trust us on this one.


3. For soothing at the push of a button: Ingenuity Boutique Collection Swing and Rocker

The fussies can tire out even a seasoned mama, which is why we love this two-in-one Boutique Collection SmartSize Swing & Rocker from Ingenuity with smartphone connectivity. Once you've positioned baby in the cozy seat, simply use your phone or device to customize pictures, music, and even nature sounds. Even better, the headrest and seat pad are both machine-washable for easy cleaning.

Pro tip: On the go? Soothe a tantrum (even outside your living room) with the Boutique Collection Swing 'n Go Portable Swing with SlimFold design for easy storage and transport.


4. For hands-free cuddle time: Ergobaby Adapt Carrier

Did you know that wearing your baby has been shown to reduce infant crying? (Mind = blown.) To wear our babes, we love the Ergobaby Adapt. The innovative design is suitable for newborns (without an awkward insert) to toddlers up to 45 pounds. It can also be worn three different ways after your baby turns six months old, and features lumbar support for a comfier fit for mamas.

Pro tip: Need extra support? Cross the shoulder straps for a personalized fit.


5. For overtired babies: Ingenuity Boutique Collection Smart and Simple Playard

Just like mom always said, sometimes you just need to go to bed. And when it's as luxurious as the Ingenuity Boutique Collection Smart and Simple Playard, your little one might not even fight it. The playard comes equipped with a bassinet and DreamCentre for littler babies, outfitted with plush fabrics and breathable mesh for a more satisfying rest. Plus, there's a Soothing Sounds Station with five calming tunes and three nature sounds to lull even the grouchiest baby to sweet slumber. And did we mention that everything your baby touches (even the changing table!) is machine washable?

Pro tip: The One Less Step feature means this playard folds fast—without removing the bassinet—to make traveling with it easier on you.


6. For fitful sleepers: Copper Pearl Swaddle Blankets

Studies have shown that swaddled babies tend to sleep longer and sounder—sounds like the perfect cure for a fussy baby to us! For a cozy wrap, we love Copper Pearl's premium knit swaddle blankets that are lightweight and large enough to double as a toddler play mat once the swaddling days are over.

Pro tip: Don't stress the wash—these pretty babies won't lose their softness in the washing machine.


7. And when you're too tired to swaddle: Halo SleepSack Swaddle

If your little one's cries leave your brain too distracted to manage a proper swaddle, opt for an Halo SleepSack Swaddle that offers the same benefits—without any origami skills necessary. This “wearable blanket" can help keep your little one cozy without the risk of a loose blanket, and it can be worn three ways if your baby prefers to have his arms out.

Pro tip: Diaper blowout? Don't sweat it. This sleep sack's inverted zipper lets you unzip from the bottom for quick changes that won't disturb slumber.


8. For a more soothing suck: MAM Pacifiers

Whether you're looking to soothe an irritable baby or just trying to keep him occupied until his next feeding, a pacifier can be a great way to distract a cranky kid. MAM consults pediatric dentists and orthodontists to develop their pacifiers, so the designs are anatomically correct for a baby's mouth. Air holes in the shield helps prevent skin irritation, and the silicone nipple features an anti-slip surface for fewer lost binkies.

Pro tip: Better yet, get yourself a few pacifier clips just to be safe.


9. For massages that stop meltdowns: California Baby Calming Lotion

Baby massage has been shown to positively affect infant hormones that control stress. No wonder babies love massages as much as we do! Calm a cantankerous kiddo with a relaxing post-bath rub-down using Calming Everyday Lotion from California Baby. Organic calendula extract, rosemary antioxidant extract, and a pure essential oil blend, including French lavender, combine to relax your little one for a restoring night's rest. And, bonus! It works for mamas too.

Pro tip: Prior to applying the lotion to your baby's skin, rub it between your palms to warm it, then massage in using gentle circular strokes.


10. For when they finally go to sleep: Hatch Baby Rest Sound Machine

Finally, a night light and sound machine designed with fussy babies in mind. The best part of the Hatch Baby Rest is that it's completely customizable, from the amount and color of light it projects to the preset and personalized sound themes that promote healthier circadian rhythms. Even better? You can control it all from your smartphone.

Pro tip: Later on, the Hatch Baby Rest also functions as an ok-to-wake clock, which could mean more zzz's for you, mama.


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