Hey, pregnant mama. So let’s guess: Your belly has popped and you’re trying your best to keep up some semblance of a workout routine while squeezing in that desperately needed nap between meetings (and maybe keeping up with your toddler)!

You’ve finally found that 20 minutes (thanks, iPad kids’ games!) and go to pull on your favorite stretch pants, but they won’t make it past your bum.

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with the most comfortable, sweat-wicking pregnancy workout clothes that will inspire you to (safely) stretch, walk or run your way into your favorite exercise routine.

1. Leggings that give serious support + style: Ingrid & Isabel Active Moto Leggings

If you’re not feeling your fittest ever, it’s nice to balance it by still wearing something that looks amazing. Ingrid & Isabel’s Active Moto Leggings don’t spare any ounce of style. Plus, with their special crossover panel, they give extra back support in a really natural and comfortable way. And did we mention they are moisture-wicking to help those extra beads of pregnancy sweat stay away? If you’re looking for a capri version, try the Active Mesh Detail Capri, which also features the crossover panel and great geometric panels.

Pro tip: Fold down the band to take advantage of these gems even after your belly isn’t so baby-filled.


2. Soft support that lifts + wicks: bamboobies Yoga Nursing Brahhh

As your curves keep growing, you need a sports bra that can handle supporting and stretching with you. Bamboobies Yoga Nursing Brahhh has it all—it’s breathable (what’s up, underboob sweat?), adjustable and amazingly comfortable. There’s also a nursing tank for a two-in-one.

Pro tip: Look for a sports bra that will do double duty as a nursing bra.


3. A shirt with belly + back support: Mumberry Flourish Tank

When you think about maternity clothes, you probably think of belly support coming from the pants. Mumberry flips that idea on its head, offering tees and tanks with built-in “Mumband” support. We love the softness of both the Flourish Tank and Vigor Tee, but we’re even more obsessed with the built-in belly band. We tested it on a former athlete and mom of two, and even a back with that history was amazed how well both shirts followed through on the incredible support claim.

Pro tip: You’re probably living in activewear pretty much all day anyway, but if not, the versatility these tops offer might just make you change your mind. Layer them when it’s cold and stay cool when it’s warm.


4. A sweatshirt you’ll live in all weekend (or week) long: Boob Design B. Warmer Hoodie

Soft and cozy is just the beginning for this the Boob Design B. Warmer Hoodie. Giving you plenty of room for a growing baby, it keeps you warm on chilly nights. The ingenious flap top makes it super easy to nurse and the organic cotton means you won’t mind having your baby’s head up against it. When you realize how great the style is and are yearning for more, check out the Fast Food Sports tank top with similar comfort and pregnancy-to-nursing ease.

Pro tip: Can we coin the term “fancy sweatshirt”? We love this one so much, and you can wear it with anything from yoga pants to jeans to a sundress.


5. A supersoft pullover: Ingrid & Isabel Crossover Pullover + Nursing

Whether you want to cover up on a cold walk or are looking for a little modesty when grabbing that pre-workout coffee, we love Ingrid & Isabel’s Crossover Pullover + Nursing. It’s as soft as your favorite sweatshirt, and its crossover design means it keeps fitting as your belly expands. Plus, the little dip in back keeps your booty covered. We love layering it over the Racerback Active Tank, which gives great support without a sports bra.

Pro tip: Stock up on maternity tops and sweaters that will stick around for your nursing needs.


6. Shoes that work as hard as you do: Allbirds Wool Runners

Swollen, tired feet. They’re a mainstay when you’re pregnant—and beyond. We weren’t sure whether to believe the hype about Allbirds Wool Runners... but then we tried them. And now we live in them. Soft doesn’t begin to describe the comfort level. They’re light, they wick moisture, you can wear them without socks and they can even be thrown in the wash.

Pro tip: Unless you’re going for comfort, like with these wonders, avoid buying shoes when you’re pregnant. A lot of women’s feet grow a half to a full size larger during pregnancy and don’t shrink back down.


7. Deodorant that keeps you smelling fresh: Native

When you’re sweating in a whole new way, you need to get creative to block the perspiration and stay smelling fresh. Native offers scents you never knew could be great in deodorant, from coconut-vanilla to lavender-rose. And even better, Native is both aluminum and paraben free.

Pro tip: Is pregnancy making you extra sensitive to the smell of your husband’s scent? Native can help clean that aroma, too.


8. An under-5-minutes makeup kit to get you on your way: trèStiQue

You’re making enough of an effort just to get those gym clothes on. Now pack up all your makeup and brushes? No way. trèStiQue simplifies your routine with two-in-one products—think blush stick on one end, blender on the other; brow pencil at the top, brow gel at the bottom. We were doubtful that it could work as well as our standards, but trust us, these compact products are lifesavers. Stow a set in your gym bag or car.

Pro tip: If you’re not one for a full face of makeup, just stick to our cover-and-brighten philosophy: Grab the concealer crayon, blush stick and lip crayon to hide those tired eyes and add some color. We love the natural glow of the Bora Bora Coral.


9. An easy-to-tote water bottle: Lifefactory Glass Water Bottle

You hear it every time you head to the OB: It’s especially important to stay hydrated when pregnant. Ideally, you should also stay away from plastic water bottles, which can leach the harmful chemical BPA over time. Lifefactory’s Glass Water Bottle has a flip cap and silicone sleeve to keep it safe even in a bumpy gym bag. We love the look, the feel and the throw-it-in-the-dishwasher convenience.

Pro tip: Still having trouble downing enough fluids? Add something tart to your water, like lemon wedges.


10. A carry-it-all gym bag: Lassig Green Label Neckline Bag

The idea of spending money on a dedicated gym bag when you’re shelling out for baby goods doesn’t exactly make sense. That’s why we love Lassig’s roomy and stylish Green Label Neckline Bag. You can easily slip in your gym ensemble, use all the interior pockets to stash makeup, dirty clothes, etc., and take advantage of the roomy exterior pockets for magazines, water bottles and anything else that keeps you motivated. Later, the bag can easily stash mom essentials like diapers and wipes. You’d never guess from this bag’s soft feel and luxe look (we love the sophisticated Black Melange), that the ecofriendly fabric is made from recycled PET bottles!

Pro tip: Need something a little bigger? We love Lululemon’s Carry the Day bag, especially with its easy-to-clean fabric for all those gym and baby messes.


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