Here at Motherly, we are all for anything that will make our mamas more comfortable, especially during labor + delivery.

From hypnobirth to a planned epidural, or an emergency C-section to vaginal delivery, we realize there’s nothing that’s magically going to take away your pain—but we’re confident that our picks below will help you cope and contribute to a positive birth experience.

Tested and loved by our own mamas in labor, pack these in your hospital bag for birth + beyond.

1. Birth ball

A birth ball has so many uses, both during your pregnancy and on the actual day of your birth. It’s perfect for a gentle pregnancy workout, practicing various labor positions, and helping you work through your contractions on delivery day.

During labor, you can sit and rock from side to side on your ball, or kneel on it with your chest draped on top. Make sure to practice with your ball during your pregnancy- it will help your hips and back now, and will make the movements come more naturally in labor.

Black Mountain Stability Ball (with pump)
$14.31, Amazon


2. To help you feel beautiful

Hospital gowns leave a little to be desired in the, ahem, style department. You may not be feeling your best post-birth, but at least you’ll look amazing in this gorgeous robe.

Made of super soft featherweight cotton and available in tons of to-die-for patterns, these robes will help any new mama look and feel her best. We’ve found these robes tend to run small, so we recommend sizing up.

Knee Length Kimono Robe
Plum Pretty Sugar, $60.00


3. So you don’t have to touch the hospital floor (ick!)

No one—we repeat, no one—wants to walk around barefoot on a hospital floor. These flip-flops may not be the most glamorous, but they’re a favorite among Motherly mamas for their affordability, comfort and assortment of adorable colors and patterns.

They’re perfect for getting around your room and for your first (glorious!) postpartum shower. And at under $3 a pair, you won’t feel bad if you’d like to throw them out after your hospital stay is over.

Classic Flip-Flops
Old Navy, $2.50


4 + 5. For the girls

If you decide that nursing is right for you and your little one, you’re going to be spending a lot of time with your nursing bra. Keeping that in mind, we’ve chosen two bras that are not only super functional, but aren’t too rough on the eyes, either.

The Bamboobies Yoga Nursing Bra is made with super soft, eco-friendly bamboo rayon fabric, which means it’s breathable and moisture-wicking. It’s got enough support for a walk in the park, but is comfy enough for a marathon nursing session on the couch.

It features nursing clasps and drop down cups for easy-access breastfeeding, and has a seamless design that will stretch to fit your changing postpartum body. It also comes with bra extenders for the back so you can use it as your body changes throughout pregnancy and nursing.

Yoga Nursing Brahhh
$29.99, Bamboobies


For a little more support—but still lots of style—Cake Lingerie’s Cotton Candy Seamless Sleep & Yoga Nursing Bra is a double layered sleep and yoga bra that helps your girls feel supported without feeling restricted.

It has a T-back design that ensures a snug fit and comes in a ton of cute colors so you won’t mind if your straps peek out. It also features adjustable hooks and eyes so you can buy it before you have your baby and not need to worry about getting a fitting right after you give birth.

Cake Lingerie Cotton Candy Seamless Nursing Bra
$53.00, Nordstrom


6. A nursing wardrobe must-have

Consider yourself warned: you’re going to want one of these in every color! This tank is a nursing mom staple: the organic cotton fabric is silky, stretchy, and fast-drying, they provide great support—and they’re cute enough to wear during and after pregnancy. (So. Many. Great. Colors!)

We also like that instead of pulling the straps down to nurse, these tanks feature a panel that you simply lift up.

Boob Maternity Organic Cotton Tank
$10.52, Amazon


7. Delivery day essentials

There’s so much new mama goodness packed into this innovative kit! You’ll have your hospital stay covered with products from some of the top brands in the maternity and beauty industry including disposable nursing pads, alcohol-free hand sanitizer, shea butter cream, a lactation bar, and even hair ties and a mini cell phone charger! And best of all it comes bundled in a chic, reusable canvas and leather pouch.

Belly Bandit Ultimate Labor and Delivery Kit
$69.95, Amazon


8. To capture that once-in-a-lifetime pic

We don’t claim to be professional photographers, so we’ll leave the nitty-gritty tech details to someone with more expertise, but what we can promise you is that a DSLR camera is a game-changer and is totally worthy of your adorable new bundle.

Newsflash: Babies move around a LOT. (So do crawlers, and walkers, and toddlers, and preschoolers get the idea.) Say goodbye to blurry phone photos and hello to capturing every step of your baby’s journey in crisp, beautiful detail and unbelievably vibrant color.

Even the most amateur photogs can easily snap frame-worthy pics with this amazing camera. The price point on these can be a bit steep, so consider asking friends or family to chip in if you know they’re looking for a high-ticket item.

Canon EOS Rebel T6
$549.00, Amazon


9. For comfort down under

Just because you gave birth doesn’t mean you have to rock the granny panties. We realize everyone can be pretty particular about their undies, which is why we love these from Gap Body.

The high-rise waist and full back coverage mean they won’t move around too much and are perfect for holding a maxi pad or pantyliner in place, and the vibrant colors and patterns means you won’t get bored wearing them.

Breathe High-Rise Bikini
$12.50, Gap


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