Real talk: You are our hero. Giving birth can be scary, and exciting, but meeting your baby is absolutely magical. No matter how it went down, your little one is here now and we couldn't be happier for you and your little fam. (And for real—your baby is seriously heart-eyes-emoji.) These next few weeks are all about survival. So strap on your mesh underwear, it's going to be an intense ride. You've got this.



P.S., If you had a vaginal delivery, the Fridababy MomWasher bottle will help you pee more comfortably—the gentle water pressure points exactly where you need it. ? If a c-section made you a mama, UpSpring's C-Panty will support your belly post-surgery and heal your scar.

And one more thing—Update your baby's birth date in your Motherly profile so we can send you accurate updates for your life with your new bundle of joy.

? Your baby this week: Just got born! Try this: As much skin-to-skin as possible will help regulate baby's breathing, boost your milk supply and make you both feel amazing. If you're feeling drowsy, pass baby off to your partner, or place her in a crib.