The new normal✨—your three-month-old baby

To all the mamas who embrace wherever they are, we tip our coffee cup to you.

The new normal✨—your three-month-old baby

Heading back to work soon? Know this: You can do it. Also know that going back can be emotionally draining and intellectually fulfilling, in equal measure. (Side note: Paid leave now. Okay, now we feel better.) This phase of new motherhood is about finding your stride in your new identity as m-a-m-a. That might mean defining a new career for yourself—or proudly standing up for your rights at work. It might mean discovering your new identity and daily schedule as a stay-at-home mom. But you're a mother now—and you've never been wiser.



P.S. Sarah Wells' insulated breast pump bags are a chic way to transport your milk machine to-and-from work. Pumping never looked so good?

Baby this week: Baby starts to express herself through coos and gurgles.Try this: Coo back! Echo baby's sounds back to him and let him know that he's heard.

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