We know what you want: A happy family, a sizzling romance, a meaningful career—and to do it all, at the same time, without any guilt. Where are you magic guilt-eraser?! ⚡ Here at Motherly, we don’t have all the answers, but we do have a few pretty good ideas to help you live the dream life that you’ve imagined.

Maybe your dream is to live out in the country and raise a soccer team of kids as a stay-at-home mom. Maybe it’s to have one child, live in the city, and rock that nap-time part-time job. And maybe your dream is to invoke your authority as a fully grown adult to eat french fries for dinner whenever you darn well please. (We’re not judging—pass the ketchup.) It’s about choices.

Whatever you choose—you’ve got this.



P.S., Do your dreams involve super-organized (and crossed off) to-do lists? Us, too. That’s why we adore Kate Spade’s chic to-do list stationery. Ohh, we feel more productive already.