A wise person once said . . .

“Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day."

Be quiet, be still

We have two words for you—alone. time.

That's one of the top five gifts you can give to yourself and your family, so that you're able to recharge and be more present for your kiddo. So make that bath, stat! Extra bubbles, zero guilt.

Be assertive

And speak up for what you want, and need. And what do working mamas need most? Flexibility.

Here's how to ask for it. #1—take the time to brainstorm exactly what you envision for yourself so you're able to come to a clear idea of what you'd like to request. Work from home two days, here we come!

Be happy

Nobody likes a cranky mama—not even, well, mama. So we've gathered 4 expert tips on how you can be your happiest mama—starting today.

Like #1—Take parenting seriously, but not too seriously. Don't beat yourself up over small mistakes. We all make them. Contrary to what Olaf thinks, not everything is worth melting (down) over.

Be open

It's so important for our children to practice kindness. To treat everyone with respect, and to understand that in some ways we are different, but in many ways we're the same.

Teaching them about diversity is the first step—and here are 7 different ways to do it.

Here's to alone time + happiness this week—