To quote Faith Hill . . .

“It's not complicated to embrace life. You just have to make the choice."

Embrace the mess

How does our house seem to go from clean and tidy to a product of the toddler tornado in 30 seconds flat? (Seriously. They work so. fast.)

These days it can be hard to keep a spotless home. Like this mama writes, “I feel like it'll always be messy—for the rest of my life.

And no magic amount of singing the clean up song will work." But fear not—one day we will get it back, and when we do, we'll miss those tiny clothes that need washing.

Let's make peace with the mess and embrace it, sister. It's inevitable afterall.

Embrace summer

Ahhh, summer vacation. A time when everyone is together—a lot. Which is great! But can also be...a lot.

So what ingredients do we need to mix up the simple, happy summer of our dreams? One mama shares her top three. Like #1—be kind. “When I hear the children quarreling, instead of attempting to solve it, I've been asking them one question. 'Are you being kind?'"

This is what matters.

Embrace your marriage

Things change for love and marriage once the baby in the baby carriage arrives. It's impossible for things to stay exactly the same, yet very tough to accurately explain to a mama-to-be the exact how's and why's this happens.

Here's five ways to love your husband better this week.

Embrace empowerment

Our children are going to grab toys from other children, draw on our walls, hit their brother, and refuse to eat dinner. As much as we wish for it, they simply aren't going to always listen to us. And that is developmentally appropriate, but still—how do we teach them right from wrong? How do we get through to them?

As Child Development Psychologist Ashley Soderlund has the four most important words you can say to a child when disciplining.

And they are much more effective than “please.stop.doing.that." We promise.

Here's to embracing the good, the bad, and the awesome this week—