To quote Reese Witherspoon. . .

“I like my body so much better after I had kids. Is that a crazy thing to say? I’m more womanly. I feel sexier.”


6-month-old babies are pretty much PEAK CUTENESS. In celebration of baby’s upcoming half birthday, we’re rereading 6 wonderful things about being 6-months-old. Because: thigh rolls for days.

Goodbye forever #thighgap

Saying goodbye to your pre-baby body? One mama writes a #MotherlyStories essay about how she learned to love—and let go—of the body she used to have. Because this postpartum body? Well, it made a baby. And there’s nothing more womanly than that.

Life overrun by kids stuff?

Here’s how one mama made a business out of swapping, donating and upgrading baby goods, mom-to-mom.

Step away from the iPhone

Want to have a deeper connect with your spouse and children? We love these 6 simple habits for a better family life—starting at the dinner table. And in involves putting away the smartphone for some serious family bonding. We believe in you, mama.

Baby action

We’re got 5 new activities to do with baby right now. The upside: It involves massive amounts of chubby-knee kissing. The downside: none. Yours in chubby babies.


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