Minimalist March 💯

Can you believe it's already March, mama? And while it's not quite spring yet (as evidenced by the snow still sitting in some of our backyards), it is as good a time as any to start simplifying life for the better. Enter: minimalism. Here are 11 simple ways for any mama to become a minimalist, plus 12 ways to tame your kids' clutter.


PS. Did you hear that the "Baby-Sitters Club" is coming to Netflix?? And, you're definitely not imagining it—mothers are sleep-deprived for the first SIX years of parenthood.

Daytime naps might last just a few short hours, but they can affect all 24 hours of a child's day. Naps can improve a child's mood and reduce fussiness, crying, whining and tantrums. Studies show that children who nap daily also get sick less often, grow taller and are less likely to be obese when they grow up. Naps enhance attention span and brain development.

Naps can also help make up for any shortage in nighttime sleep. Even a one hour shortage in overall sleep hours can have a negative effect on a child—compromising alertness and brain function and increasing fussiness and fatigue.

There are many ideas for helping a child to take a nap, but the best idea in the world may not work for you if the solution doesn't address the reason that your child won't nap. There is not just one reason that babies and young children refuse to nap—there are hundreds of different reasons.

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