Motherhood changes everything. From your habits to your priorities, it turns out having a baby changes us in ways we could never have imagined. This week, one mom shares how becoming a SAHM wasn't what she expected, and we hear from a husband how his wife's changes have only made her more amazing. Which is funny, because that's exactly how we feel about you, mama. πŸ’œ



PS. In case you missed it, we share what that Rock 'n Play conversation *really* means for parents + what you might have in common with Queen Bey.

They say a watched pot never boils, but every pumping mama knows the expression should really say "a watched bottle never fills."

When I think back to those early days of pumping, I remember settling in front of the TV to attempt to distract myself from the tedium of being hooked to a machine. It never worked: I'd always pay little attention to whatever I was watching, opting instead to stare at the bottles I was pumping into and wonder why they were filling so slowly.

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