To quote Reese Witherspoon. . .

“I like my body so much better after I had kids. Is that a crazy thing to say? I’m more womanly. I feel sexier.”

Speaking of. . .

Expert psychologist Dr. Jessica Zucker (who specializes in postpartum wellness), writes about why she doesn’t want to get her pre-pregnancy body back. “My body’s changed from having a baby, and that is why I’m lucky.” ?

Getting that green

Green smoothies are all the rage. But a nutrient-dense, flavorful green smoothie that your toddler will love courtesy of Yummy Toddler Foods? So good. ?


He’s not the man you married. One therapist explains why that’s a good thing, and shares 6 ways to rediscover your spouse every day.?

Pro tip

Motherhood means expecting the unexpected. Like a knock on your bedroom door when you and your sweetie finally get some—ahem—alone time. Got questions on how to handle it all? You can always ask Motherly, and our experts will answer within 48 hours. BAM. ?


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