How could we do it without our mom friends? Grandma? Favorite aunt? Generous mother-in-laws? What did we do before help was just a Facebook question or Google away? The Internet is sometimes blamed for pushing us apart, but this week, we're celebrating all the ways it is bringing us as moms together. Thanks for being a part of our team.



P.S. Mommy Nearest is an awesome app that helps you find local events and activities nearby—and you just might find your new best mom friend.

👶Baby this week: At 14 months, your little one's gross motor development picks up—meaning he can move sideways and even up stairs (while you stand safely next to him!). Try this: Encourage coordination (and cleaning) by having your newly mobile tot pick up toys and place them into a basket. What a good helper!

There has been a growing buzz lately about what some are calling "lazy parenting." It's being touted as the antidote to helicopter parenting, and, while its name may suggest otherwise, it's actually anything but lazy.

So what's the deal with lazy parenting? How do I do it and what will it do for my kids?

When I first heard of lazy parenting, I thought someone had been spying on my house on Fridays from 5:30pm until bedtime.

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