Some days you wake up early, sneak a workout in, and stay on top of your work emails. Other days you can barely drag yourself out of bed, drown your sorrows in a venti coffee frappuccino with whip, and ignore your overflowing inbox. It's called balance.



P.S. We truly believe that the time to relax is when you don't have time for it. If you're feeling like you have wayyy too much to do, try taking a break from it all to recharge. You'll start back up efficient, energized and ready to go.

? Baby this week: Your toddler is always watching you—and you're still the center of her universe. Try this: Narrate your day and your choices—a habit that will help your children learn right from wrong, good from bad. “We're calling Grandma to tell her we love her." The best example you can set is your words + actions.