To quote Kate Winslet. . .

“Having children just puts the whole world into perspective. Everything else just disappears.”

The dryer ate it

Excuses that are not just for homework. Little teeny baby clothes–how do they disappear in the laundry? Have you started to create your own special routines for baby? Dr. Tovah Klein explains that even simple routines can help build a healthy foundation of trust and love for your two-month-old baby. We like the sound of this: Bath? Check. Song? Check? Feeding? Check. Zzzz. ? Get tips and activities for your two-month-old here.

We’re not saying you have a wish list

But if you *did*, it might look a little something like this: 8 gift ideas every new mom will love. Might be a good one to slip along to your mother-in-law.

Like a boss

How to rock maternity leave. Consider these 23 questions to ask yourself to help you feel calmer while bonding with your baby and more confident about your career plans. Ready for a night out? (Of course you are!) We’ve got 10 super-fun date ideas courtesy of Instagram. Pop quiz: Did you do your kegels today?


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