To quote Jim Valvano . . .

“My father gave me the greatest gift anyone could give another person, he believed in me.”

For the dads, by the dads

We wanted to celebrate the amazing baby daddies in our life, so this one’s all about them. Each article is written by a #TeamMotherly dad—and just as you’d suspect—they’re giving us all the feels. ?

Believe in the wonders of being a father

From being called a super hero, to piggy back rides, to the best “you’re home!” bear hugs—and everything in between—fatherhood is awesome. And yes, your husband is totally rockin’ it.

So, what else makes being a father so great? Andrew Black, co-founder of N+B Toys, shares the top 10 reasons #DadLife rules—from his children’s perspective. Like #7— “Dads get to watch as many Disney movies as they want.”

Let’s binge all three Toy Story’s STAT. And add cocktails. Because we can.

Now drink every time you hear “To infinity...and beyond!” ??

Believe in a family-friendly work culture

Some companies just get family-friendly culture. And we’re so grateful for them.

Gordy Rogers, co-founder of Speech Buddies Connect shares 4 reasons why he’s grateful to at a family-friendly company. #1—the flexibility: It’s essential for Gordy (and pretty much all of us) so that he and his wife can handle kids and careers, pick up and carpool dropoffs.

As those Wonder Pets say, “What’s gonna work? Teamwork!” ?

Believe in love and marriage

Therapist Zach Brittle LMHC specializes in evidence-based couples therapy —and writing from the heart about the woman who made him a father.

Make babies. Make a father. Make us weep why don’t you? ?

Believe in focused quality time

When you have a full-time job, it can feel like you’re scraping to piece together any time you can get with your child.

Pediatrician (and new dad) Dr. Anthony Porto suggests 8 different ways moms and dads can make the most of the time they do get to spend with their kids —like chatting while you get ready for work, cooking dinner together, or saving their bedtime routine to be special Dad time. 

Cheers to the #DadLife!