New motherhood is a blur. It's diaper changes, work emails, baby feeds, bedtime snuggles on repeat until you have positively no idea what day or time it is. All night feedings seem to go on forever, and naptime always ends too soon. But then, before you know it, the tiny person you grew inside your belly starts rolling around your living room and scooting all over your house. (And wait until she starts issuing you orders!).



P.S. Our fave non-toxic cleaning products to make your house safe for your getting-into-everything baby.

Baby this week: As your rolling, scooting baby begins her GREAT EXPLORATION of the world around her (your home), you'll find she's reaching all around for things to pull, taste and chew. Try this: Now's the time to make sure baby's play spaces are baby-proofed. Check out the list here.