Team mom 👯‍♀️—7 months + 2 weeks

Team work makes the dream work.

Team mom 👯‍♀️—7 months + 2 weeks

Let's take a minute to thank your village—your partner, your parents, your sister, your BFF, your work wife, your gym bud, your nanny, your lactation counselor, your OB/GYN and your baby's pediatrician. (Are we missing someone?) They're been there through the sleepless nights, way-too-early mornings, and love your little one like their own. We know you shoulder much of the burden, mama, but we also like to take the time to thank the supporting players in your young family's life. (Now can one of them give you a night off?)



P.S. You know what else makes the dream work? A Netflix subscription. We hope you two give yourselves the post-bedtime breaks/ TV binges you deserve.

👶Baby this week: She's still a few months from having the balance down, but baby can support her full weight on her legs. Try this: Let baby build her leg muscles in an exersaucer or in a fun jumpy game while supported by your hands. WHEE!

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