To quote Sharon Jaynes. . .

“Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles."

I'm a domestic goddess

How you'll feel after being inspired by The Forest Feast's Erin Gleeson. Her new cookbook, The Forest Feast for Kids, features some incredibly delish new recipes (we're sharing some) to help your little ones love their veggies. But Erin shares that getting her own tot eat his greens was harder than she thought it would be. Her secrets, unveiled here.

I'm working here!

What to say when you get the side eye for checking your smartphone at the playground. Whether you're answering work emails, browsing recipes on Pinterest or snapping some killer #momlife selfies on Snapchat, what you do on your phone is your business. That's why we're not judging the mama on the smartphone. (And send us those snaps!)

I'm easy

What you'll think reading relationship expert Ashley Davis Bush's five relationship myths. Myth #1? That all good relationships are hard work. “When you're in a relationship with your beloved, being together shouldn't be a chore. Relationships do, however, require attention." Ashley, we're taking notes.

I'm outta here

What you'll do when you check out our 5 reasons to book a girlfriends getaway with your mom friends. We took one. We rocked it. We want more.

Yours in #momlife.