To quote Vienna Pharaon...

“With every next generation we have an opportunity to get it right. To create change."

Go shawty, it's ya birthday.

But instead of sippin' Bacardi in the club with 50 Cent, you're sippin' “tea" (water) in your castle (playroom), because you're Princess Mommy and the Queen (your daughter) told you to sit down.

And you best do what the queen ♕ orders.

One mama says goodbye to her 20s and hello to her 30s (and up-all-night ragers of the teething kind) in a heartfelt thank you letter.

Welcome to the new club, mama.

Life is about taking risks.

And getting awesome baby goods delivered to your house.

Sarah Schaaf, CEO of Expectantly, is doing both—creating a just-launched company that promises to be the “Uber of baby gear"—letting families rent high-end strollers, cribs and high chairs, so we only have to house the gear when we need it.

Less baby clutter, more space for mama's shoe collection. Sarah, you deserve an award.

Don't knock the quickie.

We talked with Sarah Forbes, recent former Curator of the Museum of Sex about her new book, 'Sex in the Museum: My Unlikely Career At New York's Most Provocative Museum,' on how tired parents can still make time for hot, steamy sex.

One way we love? Sneak in quickies when you can.

'Good job!'

What's the problem with telling your child that they did a good job? Child development psychologist Ashley Soderlund breaks it down for us and explains 3 key ways to frame your praise to raise a happy, confident child.

(Including not feeling bad when you do say “good job".)

Tip #1—Praise the process and be specific. Did your little girl find a new way to put the Legos together when the first way didn't work? Let her know you're proud of her problem-solving.

And we'd like to let you know—you're doing a good job.

And by that we mean—you nailed the presentation, powered through the never-ending laundry, and made the funniest monkey sounds.

It was an epic battle, but you rocked it this week.

Rock on, mama.