A wise person once said . . .

“I’d rather be completely exhausted from the hard times which breed success than well rested from achieving nothing.”

?Why ☕ is major ?

Sleep success

When it comes to sleep, the bottom line is—you do what you need to do to get it. As this wise mama says, “The middle of the night isn’t a time for parenting. It’s a time for survival.”

So no more losing precious shuteye over whether or not your family has the perfect sleeping arrangements or not. Deal?

Every? counts.

Handcrafted success

Inspiration from her mama and a passion for all things artisan led Erica Riegelman to opening Aftcra, an online marketplace where you can buy and sell handcrafted goods made in the USA.

We chatted with Erica about working with her husband and why she writes her daily to-do list before her feet even hit the floor.

Get it, girl. ?


During the pregnancy and postpartum stages—we go through a lot with our bodies. Our partners do, too. They’ve seen us in Spanx. We’ve seen them do gross boy stuff.

Yet we all still want one thing...sex. ?

So is hot sex still doable after what we’ve been through with our partner? And with kids? YES. 100%. This mama shares the three key factors you need to make sure of this.

98.6° of success

No one wants to see their little one with a fever. ?

So we researched the top three reasons our kiddos get fevers (hi, two-year molars!), what we can do to help, and when to give your doctor a call.

Stay healthy mamas!

In health, happiness, and success—