To quote Cathie Black . . .

“Assume that the place at that table is rightfully yours. Sit down and take it."

Take time for yourself

The #MomLife can pull us in many, many, many different directions. This mama explains why it's important to take time for yourself before you feel burned out.

Samantha says, “Proactive time out is an investment in our health, and ultimately, an investment in our loved ones. As my family and I now both understand—time out for me will also benefit them.

See baby girl? This girls night out is actually for you.

Give this CEO some applause

Aileen Chen is the CEO of Belly Armor whose innovative products protect us and our little ones from potential radiation.

We caught up with Aileen to find out how she prioritizes her to-do list, and how she works to create a healthier environment for our children.

Give love

This thing we call marriage is one incredible journey. We go from blushing newlyweds ➡️sleep deprived semi-humans who run on coffee and Netflix couch dates at home. But we do it together, with our partner.

This mama shares why to her, love is a choice. And every day she chooses her husband.


Take a hint

...from game theory on how to teach your children to play fair.

Kevin Zollman, co-author of “The Game Theorists Guide to Parenting" explains, “Armed with a few classic game theory strategies, you stand a chance at producing a kid who not only knows when she's being treated unfairly but also sees the value in being kind to others."

Fair is fair, baby.

Here's to “me time" and kid kindness—