A strong cup of coffee once said . . .

“You can do it!”

And, we agree, mama.?

You can...create your own village

And here’s 9 steps that explain how. As this mama perfectly said, “Find yourself, then find your people. Or do it the other way around. Just don’t settle.”

You can...follow your passion

Like The Bachelor’s season 17 winner Catherine Lowe did. ?

The new mama and luxury stationary goods entrepreneur will make you fall in love with paper. We’re also writing down her inspired entrepreneurial advice on managing a new venture and new motherhood: “I give myself grace,” Lowe says.

You can...be more in love than ever

Parenthood is a wild ride for your marriage once you start bringing babies into this world. (And let’s be real—sometimes you have your safety belt on, and well, sometimes you don’t.)

This mama shares her beautiful story of why parenthood was the best thing to ever happen to her marriage.

You can...eat healthy

Sometimes getting your toddler to eat veggies is harder than resisting that last piece of cake.

We have a solution to both—sneak vegetables in a smoothie, and don’t resist the cake. (We won’t judge. ?)

Here are 7 other getting-your-kids-to-eat-healthy hacks from your favorite foodie mamas.

May your coffee be strong (and still hot) this week—