To quote a wise woman. . .

“To love a person is to see all of their magic, and to remind them of it when they have forgotten.”

Magic moving tips ?

With a snap of your fingers—abracadabra!—everything is boxed up and ready to load in the truck! (JK. Sorry, girlfriend.)

Although we can’t provide actual spells to make packing your stuff any less painful, we do have an expert moving mama’s top tips.

Tip #1—work that Google magic. Stalk your new #momlife community on Instagram. Get the lowdown on preschools on Yelp.

And find out how many drive through Starbucks they have near your new digs. ☕ (Priorities, ladies.)

Where the magic happens

Why does married sex get a bad rap? We’re turning that tired sterotype on its head and declaring that committed sex is the best sex out there. In fact, it’s magical. Why? SCIENCE.

We talked with the sexperts and they gave us 8 reasons why married sex rules.

Oh yeah, you’ve got the magic. ?

Magic career strategies

We can always count on our Fairygodboss to help us navigate our career paths—even when the path ahead seems confusing. Here the experts at the career site share 5 game-changing moves you can make to advance your career—right. now.

Like #1—Identify your goal and dream big. Get an idea of your destination, so you can plot out the journey.

Our destination? World dominance. We’ll just be over here plotting our path to get there. ?

The magic of the toddlerhood

Terrible twos? There’s nothing terrible about our amazing little creations. Sure, they can do things to frustrate us at times (um, taking their diaper off to pee on the living room floor is one of them), but they don’t mean to push our buttons.

One mama shares 10 reasons why two-year-olds are magical. Reason #4—how they help you appreciate the simple things in life.

Like asking to watch the same episode of Doc McStuffins. On repeat. All. Day. Long.

You are making something magical, mama: a family.

Yours in fairy dust and world dominance—