To quote Heidi Klum...

“Being a mom made me confident. I was confident before I had my children, but maturing and becoming a mother enhances that self-confidence. You learn that you can take on quite a lot and make it all work. When your kids need you to be strong and secure, it’s very natural to be.”

One is the loneliest number.

Making new friends as an adult can be hard. But how else will we survive motherhood without our mom friends? This touching essay on making mom friends in a new city really hits home: “We all seemed to have a lot in common—babies and toddlers of the same age, wrapped in identical baby carriers, eating the same brands of puffs and baby food pouches—so why, in that moment, did I feel far from belonging?”

Because it’s tough mama.

Here’s The Plan.

Allyson Downey, the inspiring founder of weeSpring, has a new book coming out this month and it’s a game-changer, ladies. If you’re looking for the ultimate guidebook for the working mama, you must check out this sneak peek. You’ll get all sorts of advice in the book, but this excerpt talks to us about how to make your nights and weekends work for you.

The second time around.

Totally Married podcaster Elizabeth Laime talks to us about how marriage changes after baby number two. How does she stay connected to her husband when there is another human to take care of? “We walk up to get coffee with the kids about three mornings a week which is a great time to connect and talk about our day.”

Coffee really does bring all the happiness, doesn’t it?

Namaste, mama.

Forget the yoga mat—the play mat will do just fine! Our yogi Kristin of STUDIO Art + Yoga shares the best eight poses for you to include your little one in. #5 Boat Pose—make sure to sing ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ for a little extra fun.


Team Motherly

PS: Our friends at Awestruck just get us. Their short informational videos are right up our alley—like this Style It Forward video. BRB, mastering this ‘do.