To quote Sophia Johnson. . .

“Potty training has taught me a huge lesson on patience. Patience to be present, to pay attention to what is right in front of me. To be encouraging, to not rush the process.”

☝️On peace and potty training

What if potty training were a way to find inner peace? No, REALLY. One Motherly mama writes about how accepting the present and the (literal) mess of life, including potty training, is helping her find meaning in motherhood. Serenity now. . .

?Babies on the brain

One minute you’re thinking you could never imagine having another kid, and the next you’re lost for hours on a newborn photographer’s Facebook feed. How do you know when it’s time to have another child? We talked to the experts and have 5 things to consider before you take the leap (like, are my body and mind ready for this?)

?Hey it’s okay. . .

To prioritize ‘me time.’ Having a hard time making enough space for yourself in the busyness of life? We have 8 easy ways to enjoy some time to yourself. Now excuse us while we improve our family life with a well-deserved manicure.

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