He’s only 4 months old but Baby Archie is already a world traveler and just made his first official appearance on mom and dad’s royal tour of South Africa. The Sussex Royal Instagram account shared a Story of little Archie meeting Archbishop Desmond Tutu and Archie looks so happy.

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Here are all the adorable photos of Archie’s big adventure:

Arch meets Archie!

“This morning The Duke and Duchess were honoured to introduce their son Archie, to Archbishop, Desmond Tutu and his daughter, Thandeka,” the royal team captioned this photo of the Duke, Duchess and baby Archie meeting Archbishop Demond Tutu, “one of the world’s great champions of equality, and has spent his life tirelessly battling injustice.”

Looking sweet in blue

The whole family was dressed in coordinating shades of blue during the visit to Cape Town and Archie looked super cute in a classic pair of overalls. The royals did not officially schedule Baby Archie as part of the tour because it’s pretty hard to schedule a baby that age… so any appearances he makes on the tour are basically just happy accidents.

The family is traveling with a nanny so that Archie is in good hands when his parents are away from him at public engagements. As Vanity Fair reports, the couple are paying for the nanny privately.

Is Archie a redhead?

Baby Archie is pretty bald, but you can see that little tufts of (red?) hair are coming in.

“There is a huge range of ‘normal’ when it comes to baby hair. Some babies are born with a full head of hair and then lose much of it in the first six months (though some never do). Some babies are born bald and their hair comes in later. And many babies fall somewhere in between. It is also normal to lose more hair on the back of the head and to keep this bald spot longer,” San Francisco-based pediatrician Karen Gill tells Healthline.

Happy on video

This video captured a very sweet moment between the family of three, as the Duke and Duchess were trying to keep Archie happy as he arrived to meet the Archbishop. They cooed and laughed at their son who rewarded them with a big smile.

The trio will be separated for part of the tour as the means of travel aren’t suitable for babies. As Town and Country reports, Prince Harry will be off to Malawi, Angola, and Botswana alone, while the Duchess and Baby Archie stay in South Africa. The family will be reunited on October 2.

Baby Archie looks just like his dad

As Hello! points out on Instagram, baby Archie looks just like Prince Harry. This side-by-side comparison of baby photos proves it!

This is good news for Archie, as research suggests there are major health benefits for babies when they look like dad. The research suggests babies who look like their fathers have more engaged fathers (something that leads to fewer emergency room visits). Prince Harry is obviously a very engaged dad, so baby Archie is in good hands.

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