Sometimes people make assumptions about pregnant people. Like that every pregnant mama is craving pickles and ice cream, or that a mama-to-be is suddenly less committed to her career just because she’s carrying a baby. Perez Hilton recently made that assumption about comedian and actress Amy Schumer, and she quickly set the record straight, letting the world know that women don’t fade into the background just because they are pregnant. One week after the world learned Schumer and her husband Chris Fischer are expecting their first child, Perez promoted an episode of his podcast on Instagram, noting in the photo caption that ” #AmySchumer ‘s career has stalled.”
Schumer slid into the comments section quickly to correct Perez, writing: “Hey! Who said my career is on hold? I’m touring all of November and January. I’m working the whole time. Please some assume we disappear when we are pregnant. Quite the opposite. Much love!” Not wanting her comment to get lost in the IG comments section, Schumer took a screenshot of the exchange and shared with her followers on Twitter, inviting a dialog about pregnant women not disappearing, but being a vital part of society.
You want our thoughts, Amy? We think you’re absolutely right. Pregnant women do not disappear, and no pregnant mama should be made to feel like she should, or that being pregnant means her career has “stalled.” The pickles and ice cream thing may be kind of true for some, but this sure isn’t.

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