Something Navy

As Motherly previously reported, Arielle Charnas of Something Navy made a big announcement this week.

The mom and mega-influencer revealed her recent ectopic pregnancy, and in doing so educated many of her 1.3 million followers on the subject.

"I went through something a couple of weeks ago that I didn't share," she said on Instagram stories, explaining that her pregnancy was loss wasn't a miscarriage, but a more medically complicated ectopic pregnancy. These pregnancies can't continue because they occur when a fertilized egg implants and grows outside of the uterus and can be fatal for mothers.

Charnas was hospitalized and spent a week away from her two children.


"So it's been a very difficult time for me, especially after having two healthy pregnancies this really just came out of nowhere and was the worst experience I have ever lived through. I am definitely going through an emotional roller coaster but I truly believe in everything happening for a reason," the entrepreneur explains.

If an ectopic pregnancy goes undiagnosed it can burst a woman's Fallopian tube or damage other areas where the egg can mistakenly implant, like the ovary, abdomen, or the cervix. This can cause a lot of severe bleeding and be fatal for the mother.

It is important to note that ectopic pregnancies are rare, but if you've had a positive pregnancy test and are experiencing belly pain or vaginal bleeding you should seek medical attention as those are symptoms. Blood tests and ultrasounds can help your medical provider diagnose or rule out an ectopic pregnancy.

We're grateful to Charnas for sharing her story with so many women. While ectopic pregnancies are rare, pregnancy loss is so common and so many fellow mothers can relate to her story and now know that they are not alone.

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