In the beginning of summer, it’s tempting to want to do ALL the things outdoors. But, let’s be honest, by the hot days of mid-July, a kid-friendly afternoon in air conditioning sounds pretty amazing. And this Thursday, July 12, is an especially good day to plan some inside time: Build-A-Bear Workshop is celebrating the first annual Pay-Your-Age-Day by offering the experience to create a new furry friend for the price equivalent of your child’s age at all all U.S., Canada and U.K. stores.

That means if your child is just 1 year old, prepare for a beary good discount.

The bargain bear celebration is kicking off Build-A-Bear’s new Count Your Candles experience, which will allow kids to replicate the pay your age deal during their birthday months on the special Birthday Treat Bear. For example, although the bear is a $14 value, a kid turning 4 years old would just have to count out $4 from their piggy bank.

“We have overwhelming data that indicates Build-A-Bear is synonymous with childhood, and nearly one-third of our sales are associated with birthdays,” says Sharon Price John, president and chief executive officer of Build-A-Bear Workshop. “We ‘heart’ birthdays at Build-A-Bear, so we’re hosting the Pay Your Age Day to launch our year-round ‘Count Your Candles’ offer for Guests celebrating a birthday with us in stores—an experience we designed especially to commemorate birthdays in a memorable way.”

But back to this Thursday when all kids can celebrate: To participate in Build-A-Bear’s Pay-Your-Age Day, a parent or guardian must be enrolled in the free Bonus Club, which can be done online in advance. Then let your kiddo find their favorite new friend in the store and complete the building process at the time or return later. (Although optional accessories are separate, we can’t complain.)

We love how Build-A-Bear makes magic happen for kids on a daily basis. And, this week, they’re really making magic happen for us parents who are looking for a fun, inexpensive activity, too.

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