Joanna Gaines never fails to make things look stylish—and that includes pregnancy! During a new photo shoot, the expectant fifth-time mama was positively glowing. ✨

As she says, Baby Gaines is making him or herself known these days. “Photoshoot today and there’s no hiding this baby bump anymore,” Gaines says on Instagram, where she also shared some behind-the-scenes images in a Story.

Although I can only spy a teeny-tiny bump, Gaines is undoubtedly experiencing another side-effect of pregnancy: even more amazing hair. (Seriously, though, I could use Gaines’ Fixer Upper services on my hair alone… What do we have to do to get her to explain her styling routine?)

It seems we have several months left to admire Gaines’ pregnancy locks and growing baby bump. Although she and hubby Chip Gaines haven’t yet revealed when Baby Gaines is due, he provided a pretty good hint on Twitter last month.

That concert took place on Oct. 13, during the annual Silobration. So, if you do the math, that would place their due date in July.

The couple also doesn’t yet know whether Baby Gaines is a boy or girl, but it seems Daddy Gaines has a theory.

With two girls and two boys already, it will be fun to learn which way the scales will tip with baby #5!