When my son was born, I looked down at him and right away I could tell he looked nothing like me. Nope, that boy is the spitting image of my husband. Everyone commented on it, and as our baby grew we compared his baby pictures to his father’s, the resemblance became more and more undeniable. Having a baby who looks just like him may be the only thing my husband has in common with Kylie Jenner.

The 20-year-old new mom posted an update on life with little Stormi Webster (who will be 1 month old next week) on Twitter, answering a question from a fan who asked about her daughter.

The world hasn’t yet seen a full photo of Stormi, but that hasn’t stopped the baby from breaking Instagram records. When Jenner introduced Stormi to the world by posting a pic that focuses on her hand and reveals only a portion of her face, the photo became the most liked picture on Instagram, ever.

stormi webster 👼🏽

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Since Stormi is apparently the spitting image of her gorgeous mama, it’s easy to imagine what she looks like. Caitlyn Jenner recently posted a baby photo of the younger Jenner, and it is the cutest. The future beauty mogul had a million-dollar smile even back then.

Regardless of which parent the baby looks like, it’s always a wonder to see a face replicating one of a person you love. Kylie is still staring at her baby all day, and after two years, so am I.