As a new parent, it’s hard to get used to those very early morning feeding sessions with your newborn (especially if you weren’t exactly a morning person before parenthood). But when you get the chance to cuddle with your little one, you soak up every precious moment. Just ask Jessica Alba.

Alba shared a short Instagram video of her newborn son Hayes sleeping on her chest after one of his morning feedings. It’s a really wonderful moment between the 36-year-old mom and baby Hayes, who Alba and her husband Cash Warren welcomed on New Year’s Eve.

The Honest Company founder captioned her Instagram post, “I’ve never been a morning person…. until now. Our morning feeding/cuddle is my favorite time of day. #morningsunshine.”

What makes Alba’s Instagram post so great is the absolute honesty in it. Mornings had never been my thing, either—until my son came along. He just loved to wake up at the crack of dawn for his morning feeding. And after my son was done, he’d plop his head down on my chest, belly full.

What mama hasn’t been there? After all, newborns need to feed at least every two to four hours. Then once they’re nice and full, they close their eyes for an hour or two of sleep. And let’s be real: The whole feeding-sleeping cycle is exhausting for us mamas.

Although the morning feeding sessions left me tired, those moments alone with my now-toddler boy meant everything to me. Like Alba, they became the favorite part of my day because I had the chance to snuggle with my little one.

It’s no surprise that Alba would share such a sweet moment with her fans. After all, she has been documenting her breastfeeding journey since giving birth to Hayes on December 31. Hayes is Alba’s third child, following Haven, 6, and Honor, 9..

Having done this before, Alba knows the morning feeding and cuddle sessions won’t last forever. By three or four months, your baby starts to take less daytime naps and begins to sleep longer at night. At this time, you may not have as many morning feedings with your little one.

But that does mean mama gets some more shuteye, so there’s a silver lining! Maybe Alba won’t be a morning person for long.