The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge welcomed a son on Monday, and while we have yet to learn his name, speculation abounds.

Keen royal watchers believe the baby boy’s name will start with an A, with three camps pointing to ‘proof’ that their guess is the correct one.

The top contenders at this point are Albert, Arthur and Alexander. Here’s why:


The internet detectives at the Daily Mail have been keeping a very close eye on the royal family’s website during the wait for the Prince’s name, and suggest that because the page for produces an ‘Access Denied’ page rather than a ‘Page Not Found’ error, the baby’s name will be Albert.

Why do they think that? Well, when you search for type in URLs for Prince George and Princess Charlotte (who, unlike the adults in the family don’t yet have public pages) you get an ‘Access Denied’ page, suggesting the URL for that name has been reserved.

Meanwhile, if you look for other rumored names this way, including Arthur and Alexander, you get a ‘Page Not Found’ message.

Compelling argument, Daily Mail.


But the argument for Alexander is pretty compelling, too. On Wednesday, during an appearance at Westminster Abbey for Anzac Day (a holiday honoring service men and women from Australian and New Zealand) the Duke of Cambridge was chatting with the Australian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom, Alexander Downer, when Downer made a joke every expecting or new parent has heard.

“Have you thought of the name Alexander?” he asked.

“Alexander? Funny you should say that,” the Duke replied, fueling speculation.

Now, he could have just meant that because it’s his eldest son, Prince George’s, middle name, which kind of puts a damper on the idea that it’s the youngest prince’s first.

Arthur polled readers on what they think the royal baby’s name should be, and Arthur was the winner. It’s not quite as compelling an argument as those for the other two A names in contention, and when you consider that there’s already a living, (and relatively young) Arthur in the family tree it seems even less likely.

The Duke’s second cousin, 19-year-old Arthur Chatto, is known for posting shirtless selfies on Instagram, so the name might carry an association that’s not exactly proper, as the Queen might say.

There you have it. After three days of waiting, three A names are leading the way in terms of bets and guesses as to what this royal cutie will be called. We haven’t waited this long for a royal baby name in a generation. It took a week for the palace to drop Prince William’s name, but we learned Prince George’s and Princess Charlotte’s only two days after their births.

The delay this time likely has to do with two things: Anzac Day and Prince Charles’ travel schedule. The royal couple likely didn’t want to divert attention from honoring war heroes on Wednesday, and the prince’s grandfather outside the UK when he was born. They probably wanted to tell him before the public, as is tradition, and we can’t blame them.

We just hope they tell us too, and soon!

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