Beyoncé’s pregnancy photos made her look like a straight-up goddess. It was a miracle I managed to put on something other than leggings for mine.
Beyoncé can turn just about any soundbite into a viral hit. The only thing “viral” in my life right now is some kind of winter cold. Beyoncé can probably wear whatever she wants and still look amazing. I can’t make it more than 30 minutes without getting some kind of toddler food splatter or baby spit-up on my clothes. Bottom line: Sometimes it’s hard to believe I have anything in common with Queen Bey. But, lo and behold, we are both mamas walking around with a ton of children’s snacks in our bags. Really, I love everything about this picture of Jay-Z, Blue Ivy and Beyoncé during their big night out at the Grammys—especially the juice box and fruit snacks in Beyoncé’s hand. I’ve been there many times myself (not the Grammys, but the “I need food NOW” situation) and, let me tell you, there is no hanger like the hanger of a child. So you learn mighty quickly the importance of filling your purse, car and pockets with as many snacks as possible. Even when you’re Beyoncé.
Actually, the Carters’ whole outing at the Grammys was amazing. Besides the snack photo, I’m low-key obsessed with this video of Blue telling her parents to cool it with their round of applause. It’s no surprise the child of Jay-Z and Beyoncé is already so much cooler than most of us—someone just be sure to have snacks on hand.