We appreciate that you come visit us at Well Rounded NY every day (you do, right?), but we realize that even the most dedicated superfan still needs to get her full fix of the blogosphere. And guess what, we do too. Here’s a few of the things we’ve been reading this week that we think you just might to check out too.

1. We like to indulge in a little celebrity bump watch as much as the next gal from time to time. As if gawking at Keri Washington and Olivia Wilde’s bumps at the Oscars wasn’t enough, now Scar Jo’s gone and got pregnant on us. Refinery 29's got the scoop. Swoon.

2. We heart the folks over at Daily Candy for including us in their ultimate pregnancy guide. And we’re in such great company with so many of our favorite brands.

3. Got some time on your hands? My Brooklyn Baby is getting us ready for Spring with this DIY.

4. There’s nothing like finding a great natural beauty product. Except finding a great natural beauty product made by a mama. Get inspired by this Racked profile on model mom Josie Maran and her well-oiled (ahem) business.

5. We think it’s going to be a kale and quinoa -- and ricotta salata -- kind of weekend, thanks to Smitten Kitchen.

Enjoy the reads and happy Friday, ladies!